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The hike that killed five schoolboys

YouTube documentary

Bernd Hainmüller

The hike that killed five schoolboys is the first documentary in english about the Black Forest Disaster in April 17th 1936 on the Schauinsland mountain. Based on my book "Lost in the Black Forest" it describes the real events of that day and it´s consequences. The documentary uses the first time a three-dimensional map of the hiking route of the group and it´s disastrous results. It also highlightens the cover up of the events by german and british authorities, to save the policy of "appeasement" between Britain and the Nazis, which led into World War II. You find the documentary on the channel of "Real Horror" if you go to YouTube and write the title "The hike that killed five schoolboys". Length: 30 Minutes.

Link to the documentary on YouTube: