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Lost in the Black Forest - das Buch auf Englisch

Bernd Hainmüller

Schauinsland-Drama als englisches Buch fertig  
"The misfortune of the English" - as a book in english.

 Am 28. April 2022 führt das Orange Tree Theatre in London-Richmond Pamela Carters Theaterstück "Schauinsland - The misfortune of the English" in einer englischen Uraufführung auf. Paralell dazu wird das Buch "Lost in the Black Forest" in englischer Sprache erscheinen. Damit kann sich auch das englische Publikum Gedanken über die noch offenen Fragen machen. 

Da ich noch keinen Verleger gefunden habe, vertreibe ich das englische Buch zum Selbstkostenpreis von 20 British Pound= 24 Euro. Bitte schreiben Sie eine mail an die Adresse: , geben ihre Adresse an und sie erhalten das Buch nach Vorkasse zugesandt. Bernd Hainmüller IBAN: DE54680501010001078392 BIC FRSPDE66XXX

On April 28th 2022 the Orange Tree Theatre in London - Richmond shows the british premiere of Pamela Carter´s piece: "The misfortune of the English". The true event, which plays a major role in Pamela´s piece, is the disaster, that happened on April 17th 1936 to a group of schoolboys from Strand School London on a hiking tour in the Black Forest on the mountain area of the Schauinsland (4213 ft). Five of the boys lost their life and three very different memorials (one by the Nazi Party, one from a grieving father and one from the parents) still stand on the slope of the mountain. The book in german was published in 2021, together with Pamela´s piece, which premiered in the Freiburg City Theatre in june 2021. Awarded with a prize of the Ministry for science for homeland research, I decided to translate that book for the british public, where the disaster started and finished. Due to the anglo-german appeasement policy in 1936 the teacher of the group was never charged for his severe faults during this trip in Germany or Britain, and the english book aims to bring the full truth to the descendants of the boys, the education institutions and researchers, who could add more findings about the "Black Forest tragedy" in british archives.

Having not found a british publisher yet, the book can be ordered by writing an e-mail to The book (200 pages, 80 unknown illustrations and maps) will be sent to you after payment in advance of 20 British pound on my account 

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